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What weight is your vinyl, what weight would you recommend? 10 oz — 21oz. 13oz is standard. Do you use UV inks? Yes, we use UV inks. Are the banners hemmed? Standard versions have a weld hem with grommets every 2 ft. Do the banners have a seam? They can have a seam depending on size. Please ask your sales rep. Are the banners outdoor rated? Yes, the banners are outdoor rated. How are they shipped - rolled or folded? This depends on several factors and should be discussed with a sales rep. What is the turn time? Generally, around 7-10 days. Do they need wind slits? Wind-slits are not necessary but they are available if requested. Can you write on banners with a marker? Yes, permanent markers can work. Do you offer a warranty? The expected life span is 6-12 months, but no specific warranty is offered.


Custom Printed Break away banners are a type of street banner that are designed to break away from their mounting hardware in the event of strong winds or other extreme weather conditions. This helps to prevent damage to the banner, the mounting hardware, and surrounding structures.

Break away banners typically have a weak point, such as a hinge or other type of joint, that allows them to break away when subjected to high winds. This weak point is typically designed to break at a specific wind speed, which is usually higher than the wind speed at which the banner would be damaged.

Break away banners are often used in areas prone to strong winds, such as coastal regions or mountain towns. They are also commonly used at sporting events, where they can be hung from light poles or other structures.

Welcome to Custom Banners, the premier destination for high-quality sports breakaway banners. Our top-of-the-line banners are perfect for any sports team or organization looking to make a statement at their next big event. Whether you’re looking to show off team spirit or promote your brand, our breakaway banners are a perfect choice.

Our breakaway banners are designed with both style and functionality in mind. Made from durable materials that can withstand even the toughest conditions, our banners are sure to last for years to come. Plus, with our innovative breakaway design, you can easily and safely remove the banner from its base in case of emergency.

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Break away banners have Velcro down the middle, allowing two banner pieces to be attached to create a single, attractive image. These banners are most frequently used during youth, high school, and college football games and have poles on either side. The Velcro strip allows the team to run or break through the banner as they run onto the field while parents or cheer team members hold the poles on either side. It has eye-popping graphics that can be purchased for any sports and events.


  • Designed to break away: Break away banners have a weak point that allows them to break away from their mounting hardware in the event of strong winds or other extreme weather conditions.
  • Prevents damage: By breaking away, break away banners help to prevent damage to the banner, the mounting hardware, and surrounding structures.
  • Durable materials: Break away banners are often made of durable materials such as vinyl or durable 200D Nylon, which makes them resistant to weathering and other forms of wear and tear.
  • Customizability: Break away banners can be customized with various colors, graphics, and messages to suit the needs of the advertiser.
  • Versatility: Break away banners can be hung from poles, buildings, or other structures, making them suitable for a variety of settings.
  • Pole pockets on the double-sewn hems
  • Middle seam with Velcro
  • Durable and easy installation